1. Navigation


You can navigate through the pages of the “Komi media collection” by using the main menu links. On the start page they are in the middle of the screen:


You can go back to the main menu at the top of the screen:













On mobile versions the menu drops down in the top right-hand corner:



2. Search


To search for media content you have to use the “search” function (search for all possible variants: whole words or parts of words).

On the start page:

On other pages:

Select the language, enter the desired value in the empty field and press ‘enter’ or click the ‘search’ button; you will then see a table of results that contain the desired search value:

If you want to use additional criteria you can use the advanced search function:

With the advanced search function you can look for specific topics and localities:

Search results will be highlighted in red, and you can click to the previous or next item. 

3. Working with the material


Each media file consists of the following elements:


1) A map showing the place of residence of the consultant

2) A section where you can play a multimedia file (1) and a text section with control buttons (2)

1.  The multimedia file. To start the video click on the arrow in the centre of the field, to stop click again in the centre of the field. 

The control buttons are at the bottom:

From left to right: start time, video length, subtitles button, adjust volume level button, full screen button.

2. Text section with control buttons. In this section you will see the transcribed text, divided into sentences or phrases. Each block has two control buttons (start & pause), a tier title, time and text in three languages.


3) 3) It is sometimes easier to work with the material when the timeline is shown as one of the tiers. To show this feature you have to click on “Show timeline”.

4) About the consultants

This field shows detailed information about each interview participant: a photograph, first name, patronymic, surname, date of birth, place of birth, place of residence (at the time of the interview). 



4. Legal information


All photographs, video recordings and audio recordings in the “Komi media collection” are used with permission of the consultants and interview participants (in accordance with Federal Law No. 231-FZ of 18.12.2006 [as amended on 29.06.2015] “Entry into Force of Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation”).

All intellectual property in the “Komi media collection” ( is available exclusively for non-commercial use for informational, research, educational or cultural purposes (in accordance with Article 1274 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). 

When citing individual recordings or parts of recordings please indicate the names of the consultants as well as the appropriate file name and refer to it as in the following example:

Николай Никитич Чупров (timecode: MSF-F-1968(00:00:11 - 00:00:13), accessed: 2016-12-14, URL: in: Rogier Blokland, Vasilij Chuprov, Dmitrij Levchenko, Maria Fedina, Marina Fedina, Niko Partanen, Michael Rießler. 2016. Komi media collection. Syktyvkar: FU-Lab. URL:

We have adopted a ‘notice and take down policy’. We will thus remove a recording or transcript if we receive a written request from someone expressing a genuine objection. If you are concerned that you have found data on this website for which you have not given permission to be published in this way, please contact us at

5. Feedback

If you have any questions or if you had any problems using this site, please contact the developers of this site:

If you have found a mistake or inaccurate information on this site or would like to suggest a better translation you can report this through the feedback form; you will see the link in the top right-hand corner.